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Professionalism, experience, guarantee and passion.

Our team is made up of experienced people who are passionate about the world of entertainment. CUBE is more than just a company that creates musical events, we aim to create our own style, an identity that is above all closely linked to Mediterranean culture, in great demand all over the world and with a very personal character.

Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Our guarantee is the passion we feel for what we do. The people and collaborators who make up Cube are lovers of music, of their environment, of events… We take care of the quality and image of our productions down to the smallest detail.

The fact that our team is made up of people who are passionate and closely linked to the world of music and events is the reason why teamwork, set-ups and the execution of events become a task carried out in a professional and responsible manner, but in the same way as if it were a hobby for which we feel an enormous passion.

With a good dose of good vibes

Matt Ferry

All the experience I have acquired since 1998 in the best discotheques and multiple discotheques and multiple events of different kinds, allows me to lead this me to lead this project and to have the capacity to organise and visualise the best options for each event. From a very age I have always been linked to the world of music, events, parties and music, events, parties…. Life without music is inconceivable for me. Cube Music has been a brand created with the aim of using the knowledge to take advantage of the knowledge acquired during this and to offer them within the same concept, being able to exploit my creativity to exploit my creativity, putting it at the service of those who wish to those who wish to hire our services. It is now when the degree of of motivation is at its highest, when we want to evolve and give the best and most exclusive service to each client in each party, in every event, in every different and completely unique moment unique.

I could go on and on about my beginnings and how I ended up creating the fusion of my Live Performance show but for that I invite you to visit my artistic website where you can find much more information about my work as a DJ and Percussionist.

The sounds and rhythms of dance music invade my brain from a very early age. That’s why, a few years ago, I decided to build my own production home studio, where I started my new project with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. Looking for my style, very influenced by the house sounds of the 90’s and by the tribal rhythms that I make myself with my analogue instruments, I am ready to collaborate with all the musicians that are within my reach, as I consider myself a defender of instrumental house, electronic and analogue sounds recorded in the studio. My perfectionist character forces me to take plenty of time to learn more every day and polish the tracks that come out of my studio. Both personal and technological evolution is essential in this sector. This is a sector that is becoming more and more important for me and for the CUBE brand.

1998 Percussionist
Matt has been playing for years in several well known clubs in Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona as a percussionist accompanying other DJs. Ibiza and Barcelona as a percussionist accompanying other DJs. He also performs private events with numerous agencies, presentations collaborating with other musicians in many musicians in many events.
2001 DJ Weddings and events
At the age of 21 Matt acquires his first equipment, with which he starts to do simple events. simple events. It was then that he began his devotion to innovation, creativity and the creativity and attention to detail in his set-ups, combining his work in the events sector with the discotheques. his work in the events sector with discotheques.
2009 Live Performance
After DJing at numerous events and parties, Matt decided to merge the two disciplines, creating the disciplines creating the current Live Performance of Dj & Percussion, with which he manages to surprise the surprise the audience with his rhythmic creations that adapt to each melody and to each beat of the songs he and each beat of the songs he plays.
2012 Cube Music Events is born
After a few years of doing events mainly in Beach Clubs, hotels and private events, Cube Music Events and private events, the brand Cube Music Events was born, with a style of staging that, in addition to the quality of the in addition to the quality of the sound and lighting, prioritizes the detail and the quality of the installation, something that undoubtedly set a trend.
2023 Cube evolves into
The brand is undergoing a makeover, rebranding, a new website, a new office and a constant and a constant evolution that we face with a lot of passion and optimism.
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